In 2016, Deadspin readers racked up 149 million video views. Here were your ten favorites:

Defensive Lineman Crashes Out Of NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash Due To Dick Falling Out Of Shorts [NSFW] (2,934,472 views)

Here’s Simone Manuel’s Medal Ceremony, Since NBC Didn’t Air It [Updates] (2,001,360 views)

Kevin Harlan’s Play-By-Play Radio Call Of The MNF Idiot On The Field Is An All-Timer (1,729,966 views)

Hannah Storm Announces Live On SportsCenter That John Saunders Is Dead (1,327,237 views)

Blue Jays And Rangers Brawl, Completely Ignore Game [UPDATE: They Brawled Again] (950,931 views)

Ana Navarro Obliterates Trump Surrogate Offended That She Keeps Quoting Donald Trump (940,601 views)

Crazy Trump Supporter Pushes CNN’s Brooke Baldwin To The Edge (925,277 views)

Alex Trebek Hilariously Shits On Jeopardy! Contestant And Her Whole Crew For No Reason (922,526 views)

Central Michigan Upsets Oklahoma State With Hail Mary Lateral [Updates] (919,053 views)

Senator Mark Kirk Mocks Tammy Duckworth’s Mixed-Race Background During Debate (818,425 views)

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