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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Western Michigan Saved By Officials After Mind-Blowingly Stupid Play

Northwestern was driving late to take the lead on Western Michigan, needing only a field goal to gain the advantage on the scoreboard and having first-and-goal to do it. Then, disaster: Clayton Thorson fumbled just as he reached the end zone and WMU’s Davontae Ginwright recovered. Then things got weird.


Ginwright, for reasons we will likely never know, threw the ball back into the field of play as he headed out of bounds. Northwestern recovered, which would have given the Wildcats a touchdown for the lead—but officials ruled Ginwright had stepped out of bounds, and declined to overturn the call upon video review. (Video may not have been entirely conclusive, but it sure looks more like he hadn’t yet stepped out.)

P.J. Fleck had something to be excited about.


Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.