Division III Texas Lutheran fired home a field goal late in the first half of its win over Belhaven today, but it’s about the weirdest you’ll ever see. In fact, it was so weird officials awarded three points to the Bulldogs despite it being illegal as hell.

Yes, to ruin all the fun of this we’ll pull out the NCAA rulebook.

ARTICLE 4. A player shall not kick a loose ball, a forward pass or a ball being held for a place kick by an opponent. These illegal acts do not change the status of the loose ball or forward pass; but if the player holding the ball for a place kick loses possession during a scrimmage down, it is a fumble and a loose ball; if during a free kick, the ball remains dead (A.R. 8-7-2-IV and A. R. 9-4-1-XI).


Not legal! Congratulations SCAC American Southwest Conference officials, you’ve just been promoted to the Pac-12.