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Orlando Pace Thanks St. Louis In Hall Of Fame Speech; NFL Leaves That Part Out Of Its YouTube Upload

St. Louis football fans who hoped to see a shout-out from the Rams’ newest Hall-of-Famer Orlando Pace might have been disappointed if they watched the version of his speech uploaded to the NFL’s YouTube channel. While the other inductees’ speeches from last night’s event are presented unedited by the NFL—including Brett Favre’s 37-minute misunderstanding of “go long”—Pace’s speech is cut off before he gets to the portion where he tells St. Louis fans that “nothing can ever take [our championship] away from you.”

As part of our lasting commitment to serve the St. Louis sports fan community, we present that portion of Pace’s speech above, as it aired live on ESPN last night.


Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.

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