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Gutless starfucker troll Mike Wilbon rambled his way to an awkward defense of serial domestic abuser Floyd Mayweather Jr. tonight on ESPN, having been inexplicably asked about tonight’s fight while covering the NBA playoffs in Los Angeles. Wilbon’s lengthy and nonsensical response implored viewers to understand the context of boxing, yes, but that none of Mayweather’s charges are new and that Mayweather’s critics are just new to boxing, “wild-eyed” and “naïve.”

Not that any of the above makes much sense, but Wilbon’s main argument seems to be that boxing is different, and not to be confused with sports that expect their athletes not to be serial domestic abusers.


“There’s a long history of boxers in trouble. Criminal trouble, much of it domestic violence,” the PTI host explains as an excuse for downplaying Mayweather’s history of beating women. Wilbon’s ability to recognize that culture is no longer so tolerant of violence against women, strangely, doesn’t extend to himself.

Hannah Storm doesn’t press Wilbon on the issue, but we do encourage you to spend some time with her own words on domestic violence.




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