Hockey fans watching tonight’s Eastern Conference Final Game 2 got a very rare treat: a three-on-five double shorthanded goal by Tampa Bay’s Tyler Johnson, whose breakaway score came only after video replay overturned the on-ice “no goal” call.

Officials had initially waved it off because the posts had come off in the mess of fighting for the rebound; replay showed the puck was past the line before the goal moved, and Johnson was awarded the score. It really ought to have gone to Martin St. Louis, though, as the Rangers forward had as much to do with this happening as anyone; longtime Lightning fans are accustomed to St. Louis being responsible for Tampa Bay goals in the playoffs.

We can’t find reliable statistics for this, but the last three-on-five goal we remember in the Stanley Cup Playoffs happened 25 years ago. We’ll update if we find a more recent one, or were just forgetting something obvious.

Update: Scott Niedermayer did it against the Panthers in the 2000 playoffs. That was his first game back after a ten-game suspension. And here, like the goal above, is the call by Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick.



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