WWE up-and-comer Neville suffered what looks to be a knee or ankle injury during his bout against Chris Jericho last night on Raw. That’s bad enough news for fans of “The Man That Gravity Forgot,” but the match continued after in-ring referee Charles Robinson didn’t notice the injury—and failed to count the injured wrestler out after Jericho went for a quick cover.

That led Jericho to yell at the ref with what looked to be legitimate, and unscripted, anger that Neville was hurt—even appearing to toss some expletives Robinson’s way. That solved the problem of ending the match so Neville could get medical attention, too; by hitting Robinson, Jericho was “disqualified.”

Of course, this being pro wrestling it could have all been scripted that way—but the usually well-crafted announcers’ commentary seemed to fall apart as they searched for reasons why Jericho might “snap.”


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