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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

We’re still shaking our heads at Stephen Curry’s game-saving three-pointer that forced overtime in New Orleans and thoroughly broke the Pelicans. In an attempt to save the moment for posterity’s sake, we’ve collected all the alternate video angles of the shot—including isolated cameras on Curry and Anthony Davis—along with the Warriors’ home radio and TV calls from KNBR and CSN Bay Area. (Note that Curry, rightfully, gives an earful to the referee who elected not to call a foul on the play.) While putting this together, we noticed something:

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That’s Steph Curry’s foot on the line during his first three-point attempt, the one that fell short. None of the announcers noticed, nor did the trailing official who raised his arm. But had Curry made the shot, it certainly would have been turned into a two-pointer on video review, and assuming the Pelicans could have safely inbounded the ball they’d have won the game.


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