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Did Bill Simmons Make A Fool Of Himself On WWE Raw?

Bill Simmons joined Snoop Dogg as a special guest on tonight's WWE Raw, and if that sounds like the dumbest thing in the world to you, you'd be right. Simmons didn't even take a bump, which is some weak bullshit. Even worse, it appears Simmons may have broken kayfabe by inquiring about the of-late absence of "the rabbit," by which he meant Adam Rose's Bunny valet—which has very quietly been dropped from WWE storylines. (Insiders say the wrestler who wore the suit got fired, though why the WWE would ditch one of its most "over" characters is a mystery.)


Anyway, it was an unwelcome intrusion into the banter, as you can tell from the video above. (Or it was meant to appear as such; who knows? The workings of kayfabe are mysterious.) Simmons has made missteps before trying to appear as a "smart" but it's not clear if he's playing dumb, trying to be provocative, or is literally dumb. We omitted most of Simmons's appearance, in any event; most of it amounted to him performing an extended advertisement for WWE Network.


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