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CBC Announcer On Hot Mic: "That Little 14-Year-Old From China...Went Out Like Stink, Died Like A Pig"

CBC is apologizing (or, in Canadian, ‘apologising’) after swimming analyst Byron McDonald spoke his mind about 14-year-old Chinese swimmer Ai Yanhan, whose performance in the 4x200m freestyle relay final allowed Canada to claim bronze in the U.S. dominated race.

McDonald, the University of Toronto swim coach, stated on a hot mic: “That little 14-year-old from China dropped the ball, baby. Too excited, went out like stink, died like a pig. Thanks for that.” CBC issued the following statement:

We sincerely regret that these statements were made, and that they were allowed to go to air. We moved quickly last night to apologize to our viewers on-air and to our followers on Social media [...] To be clear, Byron’s comments were related to the swimmer’s performance, not to her as an individual. That said, they were inappropriate and an unfortunate choice of words and Byron is very sorry for what he said.

Viewers were unhappy:



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