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Brewers OF Rymer Liriano Taken To Hospital After Fastball To The Face

Emergency personnel took Rymer Liriano to a Phoenix-area hospital after the Brewers outfielder took a Matt West fastball to the face during the Milwaukee-L.A. Dodgers spring training game today in Arizona.


Those who witnessed the pitch described it in gruesome terms:

Jake Elmore was hitting two batters behind Liriano.

“We couldn’t really see it from the field. The guys were saying that his nose was gushing blood and it really hadn’t stopped when he came in here,” Elmore said in the clubhouse.

“They said it just ticked the side of his helmet and got his cheek area. You know that the sound is different. That slap against the flesh. That’s when you know it’s not good,” he said.


Brewers manager told the AP “It’s serious.” We’ll update as information on Liriano’s condition becomes available.

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Timothy Burke is formerly Deadspin's Video Director.

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