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Oscars Fuck Up Best Picture Announcement [UPDATES]

“This is not a joke.”

Producers and stars of La La Land celebrated their Best Picture victory, only to learn that Warren Beatty had somehow been handed the wrong envelope—one for Emma Stone’s Best Actress win. Host Jimmy Kimmel came out and tried to make some jokes, while Beatty scrambled to explain himself—notice how he hands it off to Faye Dunaway in utter confusion.


It was La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz who had the somber—for him, we imagine—task of announcing that Moonlight was the real winner.

Kimmel, your pranks have gone too far this time.

Update (12:58 a.m.): The card with Emma Stone’s name on it—which left Beatty and Dunaway baffled—is in her own hands as she heads to meet the press:

Update (1:06 a.m.): And here’s Emma Stone saying she her publicist was holding the card as Best Picture was announced:


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